Chief Executive Officer

Lorenzo castillo-rios

Being born in Colombia and living there until I was five years old truly changed my perceptions of opportunities and values in our world. I then moved to Miami at the age of five. The first time I picked up a camera was in sixth grade in the photography magnet at Southwood Middle School, where my incredible teacher taught me everything I knew about using a camera. Throughout my time at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, I continued to work for Miami's Community News as a video and show producer and as a photographer for all sports and activities at my school.  My partner, Abraham, and I then started our own business at 17 years old to create a positive impact in communities beyond our own, while inspiring other students to pursue their dreams. With that, AL Media Group was founded and has grown ever since.

Chief Operations Officer

Abraham Gutierrez

As a first-generation Cuban seeing my parents sacrifice everything for a better life helped instill a great work ethic and dedication to be successful, I first picked up a camera my sophomore year of high school after getting hurt playing football. Throughout my time at Saint Brendan High School, I would meet people who helped me excel as a person furthering my knowledge of photography, videography, and marketing, by allowing me to create content for my school's social media. while doing something on the side for fun has grown to be my passion which would end up leading to being one of the best decisions of my life. I would then go on to take a risk by starting a business at 17 with my best friend Lorenzo. we saw a need in the content creation industry we decided to start our own company and pursue this passion for photography and videography.

Behind the scenes